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• 75% attendance is necessary, and students are expected to act appropriately at all times.
• Acts of serious indiscipline include loitering around the college while students are in classes, damaging college property, and engaging in physical fights with other students.
• Those found responsible for such Mis¬-behaviour will face harsh punishment, including the imposition of fines.
• Students who are determined to be detrimental to the college's ability to maintain order and discipline may face suspension or expulsion.
• Smoking, gutkha chewing, and alcohol usage are all absolutely forbidden on campus.
• Students are required to carry their ID cards at all times and show them upon request.


Students must wear their uniforms every day and on any other special days the college may designate. Black blazers, black slacks, and white shirts are essential for boys. Black blazers and white blouses are required for girls, as are white shirts, black slacks, and white suits.


• Entry is not permitted without an ID.
• For a period of 8 days, students may check out 2 books at once.
• The books should be returned on or before the due date; otherwise, a fine of Rs. 2 per day will be assessed.
• Renewals for popular books are limited to twice.
• Reference books cannot be given out for home use.
• Mobile devices are not allowed in the library.
• Before entering the library, students are required to leave their items at the property desk.
• Students who are discovered to be disrupting the library's atmosphere will be barred from joining the library and will face any further sanctions that the college authority deems appropriate.


• Entrance denied without an identity card.
• Downloading or accessing offensive or obscene content is not permitted.
• Mobile messaging, chat, and messenger are not allowed.
• When you are logged in, keep the computer under your supervision. Any improper use of the same is your responsibility.
• Specify the login and logout times on the access register and sign it. • If there is a problem with the systems, contact the personnel.